Welcome to the website of THINC lab housed in the Computer Science department of the University of Georgia. The THINC lab was founded and is directed by Prof. Prashant Doshi since July 2010. It is a leading research laboratory in the department. Research in the lab is conducted in multiple areas including artificial intelligence, semantic Web and services-oriented computing.
Prashant Doshi
Dr. Prashant Doshi

Director, THINC Lab

About Us

THINC lab is located in the Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center in the southern part of the UGA campus. Currently, more than 10 graduate students including doctoral and masters students are conducting research in the lab. Research conducted in the lab has been funded by grants from the Air Force and Army Research Offices, National Science Foundation, National Institutes of Health and the industry.

Research Spotlight

We present a new framework, OntoNLQA, for querying RDF data annotated using ontologies that allows posing questions in natural language. It introduces a novel approach for discovering the sophisticated semantic associations that may exist between the important entities of a question, in order to build an intuitive query and retrieve precise answers. We apply this framework to the context of parasite immunology data, leading to a system called AskCuebee that allows parasitologists to pose genomic, proteomic and pathway questions in natural language related to the parasite, Trypanosoma cruzi.[Learn more..]

Recent Publications

[2015] Xia Qu and Prashant Doshi, Individual Planning in Infinite-Horizon Multiagent Settings: Inference, Structure and Scalability, accepted in NIPS 2015.

[2015] Dongho Kim, Mei Yuan, ChanMin Kim, Prashant Doshi, Roger Hill and Chi Thai, Robotics to Promote Elementary Education Pre-service Teachers' STEM Engagement, Learning, and Teaching, Journal of Computers & Education, Elsevier, 2015, in press.

[2015] Xia Qu and Prashant Doshi, On the Role of Fairness and Limited Backward Induction in Sequential Bargaining Games: New Behavioral Models and Analyses, Annals of Mathematics and AI, Springer, 2015, in press.

[2015] Kedar Marathe and Prashant Doshi, Localization and Tracking under Extreme and Persistent Sensory Occlusion, accepted in IROS 2015.

[2015] Amir H Asiaee, Todd A Minning, Prashant Doshi and Rick L Tarleton, A Framework for Ontology-Based Question Answering with Application to Parasite Immunology, Journal of Biomedical Semantics, in press, 2015.

[2015] Adam Goodie, Mathew Miesel, Roi Ceren, Prashant Doshi and Dan Hall, Evaluating and Improving Probability Assessment in an Ambiguous, Sequential Environment, accepted in Current Psychology, Springer, 2015.

[2015] Kenneth Bogert and Prashant Doshi, Toward Estimating Others' Transition Models Under Occlusion for Multi-Robot IRL, in IJCAI, 2015. [video] [paper]

[2015] Kenneth Bogert, Sina Solaimanpour and Prashant Doshi, Aerial Robotic Simulations for Evaluation of Multi-Agent Planning in GaTAC (demonstration), in AAMAS, 2015. [video]

[2015] Yingke Chen, Prashant Doshi and Yifeng Zeng, Iterative Online Planning in Multiagent Settings with Limited Model Spaces and PAC Guarantees, full paper in AAMAS, 2015. [paper]

[2015] Ekhlas Sonu, Yingke Chen and Prashant Doshi, Individual Planning in Agent Populations: Exploiting Anonymity and Frame-Action Hypergraphs, accepted in ICAPS, 2015. [paper]

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Latest News

[09/01/15] THINC lab starts a new research collaboration with TU Delft on Smart Energy Grids. Prof. Doshi and Will Richardson visit TU Delft and Doshi gives an invited talk on intelligent frameworks with applications to the smart grid.

[08/30/15] UGA and Toyota sign a collaborative research agreement. The PI at UGA is Prof. Prashant Doshi.

[06/30/15] A new high-quality wireless IP camera donated by CCTV Camera World and installed in the THINC lab allows roboticists to track and video record TurtleBots and Quadcopters during experimentation.

[06/15/15] Prof. Doshi gave seminars on generalizing IRL to real world applications at the University of Waterloo CPAMI institute in Canada and Ben Gurion University of the Negev in Israel.

Dr Spaan Visits UGA

[05/20/15] Junhuan Zhang, PhD from Kings College London joins the THINC lab as a postdoctoral associate. He will replace Yingke Chen who spent a successful year.

[04/24/15] Prof. Doshi received a new NSF grant for catalyzing an international collaboration with TU-Delft on intelligent methods for renewable-energy smart grids.

[04/22/15] Prof. Doshi gave seminars on generalizing IRL to the real world at UIC and UMich CS departments.

[1/18/15] Prof. Doshi is on faculty leave of absence at the University of Waterloo beginning Spring 2015 until November 30, 2015.

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