Haley : Automated End-to-End WS Composition

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HALEY is an automated, scalable and end-to-end Web service composition framework. It naturally models uncertainty nature of Web services, takes into consideration both functional and QoS descriptions of Web services and provide a cost-based optimization of the generated business processes. It is implemented as a freely-available Eclipse plugin and stand-alone Eclipse RCP.

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Step 1

Download and install ECLiPSe Prolog. DO NOT change the default installation path.

Step 2

Download HALEY RCP.

Step 3

Run Haley.

Step 4

Download Sample Web service description files.

Haley User Guide and Screenshots

0. Create a Haley Project
  • Create a General Project
  • Use Haley Wizard
1. Create a Sub-process
  • Create a root process
  • Create a sub process
2. Import Web services
  • Import WSDL file
  • Import SAWSDL file
  • Import WSLA file
3. Specify Goals
  • Add a process goal
  • Specify the goal and its priority
4. Specify Initial State
5. Generate Planning Domain
6. Generate Plan
7. Generate BPEL
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