Students and faculty affiliated with the THINC lab conduct cutting-edge research in AI and Robotics. We rigorously investigate various problems of interest in contexts such as multiagent systems, reinforcement learning, mobile robots, and the semantic web. We have published more than a hundred papers in top-tier research conferences such as AAAI, IJCAI, AAMAS, IROS, ICRA, and journals such as JAIR and JAAMAS. Our research is often multi-disciplinary and we collaborate with renowned researchers including psychologists, education specialists and biologists in the US and beyond. Our research has been funded by grants from NSF, multiple DoD agencies, NIH, and the industry.
Prashant Doshi
Dr. Prashant Doshi

Director, THINC Lab

About Us

The THINC Lab is housed in the Computer Science department of the University of Georiga. It was founded in July 2010 by Dr. Prashant Doshi who is a professor of computer science. It is located on the fifth floor of Boyd Graduate Studies Research Center in the heart of the south campus of UGA. Typically, about 10 graduate students and a few undergraduate students conduct their thesis, dissertation, or independent studies in the lab. Members of the lab are highly motivated and are encouraged to strive for excellence in research while being an integral part of a collegial setting. You are welcome to browse the lab’s webpages for additional information about our research.

Recent Publications

[2019] Omid Setayesfar, Christian Adkins, Mathew Jones, Kyu Hyung Lee and Prashant Doshi, "GrAALF: Supporting Graphical Analysis of Audit Logs for Forensics", arXiv:1909.00902

[2019] Adam Goodie, Adithya Raam Sankar and Prashant Doshi, "Experience, Risk, Warnings, and Demographics: Predictors of Evacuation Decisions in Hurricanes Harvey and Irma", in International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction.

[2019] Adithya Raam Sankar, Prashant Doshi and Adam Goodie, "Evacuate or Not? A POMDP Model of the Decision Making of Individuals in Hurricane Evacuation Zones", in UAI 2019. [paper] [supplement]

[2019] Tessa Rusch, Prashant Doshi, Jan Glascher, and Michael Spezio, Modeling models of others’ mental states: characterizing Theory of Mind during cooperative interaction, in RLDM 2019. [extended abstract], selected for oral spotlight.

[2019] Saurabh Kumar, Jan Glascher, Michael Spezio, and Prashant Doshi, Modeling cooperative and competitive decision-making in the Tiger Task, in RLDM 2019. [extended abstract]

[2019] Saurabh Arora, Prashant Doshi, and Bikramjit Banerjee, Online Inverse Reinforcement Learning Under Occlusion, in AAMAS 2019. [paper] [supplement] [presentation], invited to Journal of AAMAS.

[2019] Vinamra Jain, Prashant Doshi, and Bikramjit Banerjee, Model-Free IRL using Maximum Likelihood Estimation, in AAAI 2019. [paper]

[2018] Tomoki Nishi, Prashant Doshi, and Danil Prokhorov, Merging in Congested Freeway Traffic using Multipolicy Decision Making and Passive Actor-Critic Learning", accepted in IEEE Transactions for Intelligent Vehicles, 2018.

[2018] Abdullah Rashwan, Agastya Kalra, Pascal Poupart, Prashant Doshi, and George Trimponias, Online Structure Learning for Feed-Forward and Recurrent Sum-Product Networks, in NIPS, 2018. [paper] [video]

[2018] Saurabh Arora and Prashant Doshi, A Survey of Inverse Reinforcement Learning: Challenges, Methods and Progress, arXiv:1806.06877v1

[2018] Maulesh Trivedi and Prashant Doshi, Inverse Learning of Robot Behavior for Collaborative Planning, in IROS, 2018. [paper] [video]

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Latest News

NSF Grant

[09/04/19] Prof. Doshi is collaborating on a new 3-year NSF grant with faculty at Oberlin College and UNL-Lincoln on scalable and decentralized planning in open multi-agent systems. Such systems are characterized by agents entering and leaving the system and transient tasks.


[07/17/19] Profs. Parasuraman and Doshi receive a Learning Technologies Grant from UGA to introduce robots into their classrooms to promote active learning.

[05/08/19] Prof. Doshi is a co-winner of the dept.’s 2018-19 Outstanding Faculty Research award.


[04/30/19] Prof. Doshi visited the Florida Inst. of Human-Machine Cognition and delivered an invited talk on the lab’s research as part of IHMC’s ‘afternoon lecture’.

3000 citations

[03/04/19] Papers published by THINC Lab researchers cross the 3,000 citations mark.

[10/11/18] THINC Lab welcomes Metonymize Inc. as an industrial collaborator. The funded collaboration will use SPNs as a generative and explainable model for moderately sized data.

NSF Grant

[08/20/18] New 3-year NSF NRI grant for inverse learning of robot behavior for collaborative tasks. Prof. Doshi (PI) will collaborate with Prof. Yi Hong (CS-UGA) and Prof. Ken Bogert at UNC-Asheville on this grant.

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